加拿大驻沪总领事管副总领事Jordan Reeves贺信
Congratulatory letter from Jordan Reeves (Vice Consul of the Canadian Consulate-General, Shanghai)

  Nova Scotia Program
1. Small-sized Class: Around 25 students per class.
2.Nova Scotia High School Program in China: Students will be registered to Nova Scotia Department of Education after joining in the program which offers pure Nova Scotia curriculum. Students will get Nova Scotia high school diploma after graduation.
3.Exchange Opportunities: Students will go exchange to Nova Scotia high schools in 2nd semester of Grade 11.
4.Students will be accepted to Year 1 directly by Canadian universities if they get 70% in English 12 Final.
1.Small-sized Class: No more than 25 students per class.
2.Individual Study Plan
3.One university credit course will be offered after the completion of UAP core course.
4.Students will be admitted to Year 1 directly by partner universities without the requirements of TOEFL or IELTS results.
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