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Time:2014/1/23  Source:Sino-Canada Program at Soochow University High School  【Font:Big Middle Small】    
This Friday, the professor in University of Ottawa came to our Grade 10 class and had a funny Science class, the subject was Natural Plastic.                                 

Mr.G used Power point to indicate that it is harmful to environment to use plastic. Therefore, we should know how to decompose it. Mr.G did an experiment to show the true. He boiled the milk and our Science Teacher Mr. H gave us to smell the apple vinegar. He divided us into small groups, two people in one group. He gave us a cup and fork, everyone had some milk and added apple vinegar. Then we mix up them, since they all eatable, some brave students tried, but all said uneatable.             

When we take out the precipitant in the milk and apple vinegar, then cool it down, it is the resolvable plastic. Before it became completely cold, we made the smile face, the moon, and the Olympic Circle, that was fantastic.

We had a wonderful afternoon at that day. We discovered the theory by our own experiment. I suddenly realize that the chemistry was not so boring. I always feel like chemistry is finishing bunch of papers and tests. However after the first 3 months in Grade 10, I felt like chemistry has the relationship with our daily life. In our class I’m interested in not only chemistry but also the physics, biology, geography. I learnt knowledge in class from my own experience.

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