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Grade 11 Going Exchange in Nova Scotia
Time:2014/1/23  Source:Sino-Canada Program at Soochow University High School  【Font:Big Middle Small】    
In order to give students the English learning environment, and to let them live and study independently and help them get used to university life earlier, the 2nd English Exchange program to Nova Scotia high schools started the preparation on October 20th 2010. With respect to the experience from last year and to improve the quality of the program, a parents meeting was held and all parents present to meeting which indicates how seriously parents treat the upcoming trip to Canada.

During the meeting, Ms. Wu, the Program Manager introduced the procedure of the trip to Canada which helps parents know better of it. Parents are quite interested in the course selection and all express that it is really a good opportunity for students to learn how to study and live independently.

We all believe that living and going to school with native Canadian high school students is a good opportunity to explore the Canadian life and culture and get students improved in English. The parents all agreed that having the international experience is one important factor to be success in future.

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