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University Achievement Pathway

The purpose of the courses in the UAP program is to prepare international students for future university studies by guiding them to develop the English language skills necessary for their academic success. The different levels of the program simultaneously combine English language study with academic preparation, gradually giving students the educational training, language skills, critical thinking abilities, and time management skills that they need to achieve their goals. When the students graduate from our final UAP level, they will be able to perform successfully at post-secondary institutions in Canada or in other English-speaking countries. Students who graduate from this program also have direct access to numerous degree programs at our many partner universities and colleges in Canada and the United States.

Objectives: The levels in UAP focus on increasing students’ overall abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in an academic context. Within these skill areas, the students focus on specific areas such as academic writing and referencing; listening to lectures and taking notes; reading and annotating; editing and proofreading; delivering presentations, speeches, and debates; doing effective research; avoiding plagiarism; and building academic vocabulary. The objectives are level-dependent. Each of the levels in our UAP program is mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

All courses in the program have subsidiary aims of building interpersonal skills, increasing cross-cultural awareness, and improving critical thinking skills. The students rely heavily on problem-solving and teamwork in order to successfully meet the requirements of the program and each of its courses.

Scope: There are four levels in the UAP program, and each of the courses can be benchmarked as follows:

UAP Level           CEFR Level upon

Approximate IELTS Ban Score upon

UAP 200 B1 5.0
UAP 300 B2 5.5
UAP 400 B2+ 6.0
UAP 500 C1 6.5

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